Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marni X H&M

HOLA DOLLS/BELLAS! I'm so happy, to see that my view counts really went up after my Greyson Chance entry. Now I know the key to all of your hearts! More Greyson! What if I turn my blog into a fansite! cheka.

The real topic... Recently, H&M released their collaboration with Versace a few weeks ago. Like I said I wasn't really a fan of the collection cause some pieces were leaning towards a hoochie look. It's not that I hated it, it just wasn't my cup of tea. Anyways, for the people who weren't feeling the Versace collaboration, weren't able to get a piece or whatever. DON'T FRET. H&M has already a new designer collaboration on the way this SPRING 2012. This label is actually a personal favorite of mine... MARNI. Yes the Italian fashion label started by Consuelo Castiglioni is collaborating with the fast fashion brand! When I read about this, oh the music in my ears. Upon seeing the news on my twitter feed, I could already imagine all the beautiful prints, fabric, texture, silhouettes of the designs and of course their MENSWEAR. I just love that they stuck to their their style since then and brand aesthetic of "European-inflicted bohemianism." Just like what Tim Blanks of said that Consuela doesn't aim for the graphic kind of sexuality, but the "sensuality of the mind." 


MENSWEAR!!! I can't wait till they show the lookbook! 

Menswear Spring 2012(image source: HERE)

If you noticed or google their menswear designs aka Marni Man, they stick to a cleaner, polished, colorful, bold, younger look. Its also very easy to incorporate with your own closet. A lot of it can also be a staple/essential piece for your wardrobe/everyday wear which is always a great thing. Now hopefully this entry helped and get you guys excited for MARCH 8, 2012. Yes, there is a date for this collection already. Thankfully its on my birthday month, so I'll definitely be saving for this collection!

bisou bisou,

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