Friday, December 30, 2011

Beautiful 2011

As promised, here I am with my last blog entry for 2011.

“The thing about life is that everytime you learn a new lesson there’s just another one right around the corner. You know, you never know everything. I think , you know for me I just kinda giving up and I’m like I know nothing compared to what I’m going to know someday, and I stop thinking everything I knew awhile ago. I think, the last time I thought off of everything when I was um….FIFTEEN” - Taylor Swift

I would definitely describe this year as full of lessons. I realized that almost every day we learn something and sometimes we learn it the hard way. They are literally never ending and sometimes we get tired of it, but in my opinion its the building blocks that make us who we are and help us grow as a person. Taylor Swift said "everytime you learn a new lesson there’s just another one right around the corner. You know, you never know everything." I definitely agree with her 100% on that, I'd rather not know what lessons I'm about to learn because in reality we'll never ever know whats coming at us. I say this year was full of lessons because I realized that I really am getting older and reality really took its bite. I found out more about myself, my friendships, love and everything in between. I wouldn't call this year a roller coaster, I'd call it more of a Carousel. It goes round and round, but the thing with carousels is that every time it spins not everything is the same. I wouldn't generalize 2011 as a good or bad year because I don't think there ever is a good year. It will always have its ups and downs, whether we like it or not. We just have to get up and face life just like everyone does. This year was full of firsts, it was my first time to go on a beach trip with my friends, first time to help assist in an editorial, first time finding out... and a whole lot of other firsts. It was also this year I listened to a song that generally helped me and this song must have helped you too. I'm sure most of you know the song Who Says by Selena Gomez & The Scene. This song really captured my heart the first time it played which was back in March or late Feb. Its definitely one of my most favorite songs, and it will always be relevant in my life. Its just sooo positive and its that song wherein I could be 86 and listen to it and still feel good. There is one line in the song that I always tell/remind myself every day. When she says "You've got every right to a beautiful life," that line really struck me because I believe everyone deserves to live a life of their dreams. It could be owning a factory full of cookies, having your own clothing line or whatever, but we can't just sit around waiting for it to happen. WE HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. There you have it, my New Year's Resolution is to make things happen. Thank you to everyone who made 2011 for me such a beautiful year even with its ups and downs! I wish all of you have a good New Years Eve and a beautiful 2012! 

You tell 'em what you mean
But they keep whiting out the truth
It's like a work of art
That never gets to see the light
Keep you beneath the stars
Won't let you touch the sky

With that I leave you guys my favorite song and music video of 2011. I hope you dolls love it especially if you haven't heard or seen it, which I really doubt.

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