Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Cosmetic Haul: Anming & Tsubasa


If you guys had idea, I've always had a fascination with everything Japanese. May it be food, make up, culture, places, fashion, music and etc. I really dream 1 day I'd be able to live and work there, since that was always the plan I had for myself. Though you might think it was quite random I mentioned that, but it actually isn't because this haul I'm doing was 100% inspired by Japanese fashion and icons!

Anming / Tsubasa

 Anyways, this is my first time writing an entry like this since its gonna purely about cosmetics and who my current pegs/inspiration. Let's start with the pegs, I don't wanna dig into this too much since it isn't what this entry is really about. I've been going crazy over Tsubasa Masuwaka and Anming! If you guys have no idea who they are, try google-ing and get fascinated. Its totes obvi that Tsubasa is a gyaru and I guess Anming could be counted as the male counter part aka gyaruo. I've been researching immensely about their make up since I've always loved the whole Doll face look. I decided to browse a ton of pictures and make up tutorials, then BAM I got obsessed. 

Let the hauling begin...

From L to R: Loveme Falsies, Sliver Liner both from Suesh, Etude House Eyelash Curler, Dolly Wink Eyelash Case, Bambi Princess Mimi Contacts, Nichido Eyelash glue

Lets start off with this set Falsies I purchased from Suesh. Now I was contemplating whether I should actually purchase this since, I wanted to get myself some Dolly Wink bottom lashes. Though I told myself that this set of lashes would come out wayyy cheaper since it already had both upper and bottom lashes. Random fact, I only purchased it because of the bottom lashes. Since it gives that doll look just like Anming and Tsubasa!

This set contains 5 upper and 5 bottom lashes. Perfect for mixing and matching!

What I love about Suesh is how helpful one of the ladies were. I was telling her how I was dying to own a set of Dolly Wink lashes, and she told me that this set is a perfect dupe for it. Since it also uses 100% human hair. Super satisfied with this since it didn't cost an arm and foot for a set of lashes. Though I really am investing on stuff from Dolly Wink. 

Sliver Liner from Suesh! I needed the perfect liner for those beautiful Gyaru/Gyaruo eyes! PLUS I think its the perfect dupe to the CULT CLASSIC Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner. If you have not heard about that well, the liquid eyeliner from Dolly Wink is what Gyaru's usually use to give themselves those doll like eyes aka droopy eyes, wing tips etc. Now I wouldn't say the Sliver Liner is exactly the same, but its the perfect alternative since the lines you can make with these are quite precise! Plus for its price I did not think twice! How I wish Dolly Wink was more affordable. *sigh

Eyelash Curler from Etude House, no need for explaining on this! Though I do recommend this since its a total steal and classic from our favorite Etude House! PLUS IT'S IN PASTEL PINK! 

Dolly Wink Eyelash Case, now I felt really sad at first that I wasn't able to purchase anything from Tsubasa Masuwaka's cosmetic line Dolly Wink and Candy Doll. I just needed to get my hands in something from her line, so BAM I needed the perfect case for the set of falsies I bought! Isn't it CUTE?! Its very Tsubasa! Plus its perfect if you're on the go!

Bambi Princess Mimi Contacts, ok fine, I didn't really feel bad since I did get something from Tsubasa's line of designs! I FINALLY GOT MY HAND ON A PAIR OF BAMBI PRINCESS MIMI contacts in Chocolate Brown! Yes, these are designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka herself. Its under Geo if I'm not mistaken. Its the same one Tsubasa and Anming are wearing on the photo at the very of this entry. I can definitely tell you that this is the MAIN weapon in accomplishing the Gyaru/Gyaruo look. You want doll eyes? Then put these contacts on then POOF you've got doll eyes, darling! REVIEW ON THIS SOON.

Nichido Eyelash Adhesive, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY EYELASH FIX IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE??? I swear I've been going through cosmetic stores non-stop to find cheap alternatives to eyelash glue and this was the only one that was in my budget. PLUS, what I hate about this little guy how small the bottle is for its price, but the saleslady said it's for 10 uses. We shall see then... Since I was not planning to spend 500php on glue. If you guys know any other eyelash glue/adhesive that doesn't cost like its a pair of denim shorts, please let me know down in the comments or tweet me!

Sorry for the mouthful, but definitely expect my hauls to always be like this since I really wanna explain what made me make the purchase especially when it comes to cosmetics! I hope this kinda helps you guys if you have any plans on pursuing the whole dolly, gyaru or gyaruo look! If you guys do, definitely show it to me! I'd be delighted to see it! Plus, if you guys purchase any of the items I purchased too, let me know how it works for you! Now I haven't tried anything from here except the contacts, hopefully I can let you guys know how it works out for me! Who knows, I might do an Anming Make Up Tutorial soon! ;)


Giri Giri Safe (ぎりぎりセーフ)


I'm back to blogging, now I won't go into why I haven't blogged for a few months! All I have to say is I'm back, and I just feel super inspired to write about various things! I'm planning to make changes with this blog especially, with outfit shots and the topics I'll be writing about. I won't be talking about  just fashion in general anymore, hopefully I'll be able to blog about some of the changes and experiences I've done and gone through, make up, hair and make up tutorials(heck yeah), food, travel, friends and everything under the sun.

Anyways here is my back to blogging outfit shot! Now notice I won't be usually taking photos with a camera anymore since... I am outrageously lazy to do it or my brother isn't home as much anymore!

Outfit: Kimono Jacket from Sewn, Gray V-Neck from Forever 21, Denim Shorts from Folded & Hung, Wolf Shopper Bag from Topshop, Foxtail from Gelo Arucan x Bloggers United

I just had to pair these 2 together!

Still wondering, what my title means? Well it means 'Just Barely Made It' in Japanese. Its a song by one of my current favorite J-Pop artists Kyary Pamyu! I am just in LOVE with her album Pamyu Pamyu Revolution. If you're all in to bubble gum pop and j-pop just like myself, I suggest you check it out! 


Friday, April 13, 2012

Block After Block

Hey dolls! Had to run errands today for my dad, so I decided to play with the basics and go back to what Lauren Conrad calls it "The American Uniform." Also known as jeans and t shirts, but again since Coachella is just a day away. I had it in mind as a peg for my outfit. Now I don't think I would ever wear jeans to Coachella(if I ever do get the chance to go) or a music festival per se. With such a simple ensemble, I just needed to accessorize.

What I Wore: Pink Belter: Kimono Jacket, Forever 21: Jeans, V-neck, Department Store: Sandals, Parisian: Envelope Clutch, Mia Casa: House of Harlow inspired necklace, Rebel Gear: Fedora, Nava: Baroque sunnies

The difference a kimono jacket can make! I swear it can instantly morph your simple outfit to something Nicole Richie would have put together! When in doubt wear a kimono!

Currently my favorite pair of sunnies! Ever since I've seen Lady GaGa wear the one from Prada, I have been dying to own at least something similar to it! Thanks Danika for reserving me a pair in Nava

Till next time dolls!

bisou bisou 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Walkin' in My Shoes

Hey dolls! I am super sorry for not updating within the last 2 months! Reasons being I have been so busy with school work since 1. I am on my last term and 2. I am technically working on a thesis and other school work. I really do apologize again for neglecting my blog and other obligations(ang termmmm!) I have promised to blog or promote! I really hope you dolls understand. With that I won't promise to be constantly updating for the next 2 weeks, but I will try my best since its almost finals week. Cross my fingers that I do well! hehe

Lets skidaddle to the outfit post! Wanted to go for something a little bit more casual but add a sorta kinda indie vibe. Mainly I had Coachella in mind since it is coming up! I hope I achieved that.

What I Wore: Topman Lady GaGa sweatshirt, Bench DIY cut-offs, Forever 21 necklace, SM cap, Rolu boat shoes

Thanks again Rolu for another amazing pair of boat shoes! Definitely check out their website and order yourself a pair! I swear you will not regret it! BTW, to the ladies who have been wanting a pair,  I think they have designs available in you women's sizes! Check out this entry I wrote about Rolu back in January!

Thats all for now dolls! Stay tuned and till next entry!

bisou bisou 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Inner Scotty Cunha

Hey dolls/bellas! Sorry for the short hiatus! Anyways I'm back and here I am giving you guys a brand new outfit post. I'm actually excited writing this entry since 1. I felt inspired by my friend Patricia's entry "My Inner Aria Montgomery," so I decided to make my own version or an alternate version! 2. I am still on a Lucy Hale high(more on that soon). 3. I have been dying to wear this shirt. 

My inspiration for this look were two people! Of course Lucy Hale, but mainly her best friend aka THE hair guru to the stars, Scott Cunha! Patricia and I have been saying since the moment Lucy Hale arrived in Manila that she would be Lucy and I'd be Scott! Anyways here it is!

What I Wore: Bench Lucy Hale tee, Forever 21 shorts, Ralph Lauren belt, OS cross-bone necklace, Vans white plimsolls

Random: Pat/Tippi, I found these readers from my pile sunnies from the Hawaiian Punk! Let me know if its whose it is! :)

Thanks to my brother Migz for taking my outfit shots!

Thats all for now! Scotty, if you're reading this it was nice meeting you during Bench show!

bisou bisou 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blue Jeans

Hey dolls/bellas! Another outfit post for you guys! I am on a roll now with my entries! I wore this ensemble for New Year's Eve. Yes another very late post! hehe 

What I Wore: Forever 21 jeans & denim jacket, People are People shirt, Rolu boat shoes

The moment I saw this denim jacket at Forever 21, I immediately fell in love and simply couldn't let it go. BTW, its under Heritage 1981(brand under Forever 21). I've been abusing this jacket almost everyday. I just love the fit of the sleeves, the tribal print at the back and how its quite cropped at the back.

Enjoy the rest of your week dolls!

bisou bisou