Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Giri Giri Safe (ぎりぎりセーフ)


I'm back to blogging, now I won't go into why I haven't blogged for a few months! All I have to say is I'm back, and I just feel super inspired to write about various things! I'm planning to make changes with this blog especially, with outfit shots and the topics I'll be writing about. I won't be talking about  just fashion in general anymore, hopefully I'll be able to blog about some of the changes and experiences I've done and gone through, make up, hair and make up tutorials(heck yeah), food, travel, friends and everything under the sun.

Anyways here is my back to blogging outfit shot! Now notice I won't be usually taking photos with a camera anymore since... I am outrageously lazy to do it or my brother isn't home as much anymore!

Outfit: Kimono Jacket from Sewn, Gray V-Neck from Forever 21, Denim Shorts from Folded & Hung, Wolf Shopper Bag from Topshop, Foxtail from Gelo Arucan x Bloggers United

I just had to pair these 2 together!

Still wondering, what my title means? Well it means 'Just Barely Made It' in Japanese. Its a song by one of my current favorite J-Pop artists Kyary Pamyu! I am just in LOVE with her album Pamyu Pamyu Revolution. If you're all in to bubble gum pop and j-pop just like myself, I suggest you check it out! 


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