Sunday, August 14, 2011

Designer Confesses Wrong Deeds in MEGA August Issue

More than ever, a public scandal causes a famous individual to lose everything he had worked hard for. Previous unending words of praises suddenly turn into phrases of dismay, disappointment and even denouncement of association. In the very exclusive and oftentimes unforgiving circle of the social elite, judgment is easily casted long before light is shed on the issue.
Take the case of one toast of the town designer. Puey Quinones is the top choice of celebrities, society figures and the rich crowd for wedding gowns. The testimonials of these people who were impressed by his talent catapulted him to A-list status. It was very recently that the man famous for his wrap-arounds and avant-garde designs became the subject of ridicule. It started with one photograph tagged by a lot of people on Facebook, and soon enough, everyone was pointing fingers. Suddenly, everyone has something to say.

In the August Issue of MEGA, the Philippines’ best fashion magazine, the man in question opens up to no less than the President and CEO of Mega Publishing Group, and Editor-in-Chief of MEGA Sari Yap for the first time to talk about the incident. “I agreed to do the interview only because of Sari,” Puey says. It is never easy to go public and admit your wrong deeds, but Puey chose to brave the odds and asked for an apology to those of whom he let down. In the said interview, he also shared that he didn’t like to prolong the agony anymore so he opted to say sorry than deny the allegations.
What does it take to make a scandal? Simple! But to erase the stigma of the scandal will take a lot more than the usual select all-delete-your-inbox command. Puey may have done some things wrong, but to err is human. Coming out clean by admitting his fault is the start. It is a long way indeed, but he is starting a new journey the right way. 

Read more about the exclusive confession of Puey Quinones in the August Issue of MEGA Magazine with the pretty Maricar Reyes on the cover, out on stands now! 
MEGA is a prestige publication of the Mega Publishing Group.    

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


An outfit post! I wore this yesterday to class. I wanted to go for something simple with a touch of dainty. I felt inspired by the Vanessa Carlton's Carousel video. I was actually suppose to add a sun/floppy hat, but I actually wanted to keep things basic and of course add florals.

What I Wore: Forever 21 jeans and necklace, Folded & Hung floral clutch bag, connector ring from anywhere

photos via: Patricia Prieto

Don't you just love florals? It always adds this dainty-ness and romantic feel to an outfit. Plus, you will never believe how much this bag was. It was a total steal!

Thats it! Till the next post!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trace a Line

Another outfit post! I wore this to school last friday. The theme was boho, but I realized I barely have anything bohemian except for a few accessories such as scarves, feathers, beads etc. I decided to go with a much more basic look. I was also able to snag a pair of basic black shorts, something I've been in need of recently. I actually made it longer, since I found it too short. hehe Its just so I could use it everyday and feel comfortable since, I can imagine the abuse this pair is gonna go through. Though at least I was able to snap a shot of how the shorts look before I made it longer! Also, I was finally able to use a bandana! It turned out well hopefully? Very Lady GaGa's Judas video no?

What I Wore: Topman Cardigan, Forever 21 shorts, House of Rocks crochet necklace, rings from anywhere

Photos via: Alyssa Lapid

I've been doing a lot shorts looks recently, so hopefully for the next few posts I'll be able to put the shorts look to rest first(I've abused it too much). hehe Time to break out the jeans.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

MEGA Fashion Crew Part. Deux

Couldn't get enough of Generation Mega?

MEGA EIC Sari Yap Leads Search for the Quintessential Fashion Crew

MEGA Magazine, the Philippines’ best fashion magazine, was the pioneer for glossies in the country. It has shared with the public a lot of firsts that are all nothing short of inspiring. It was MEGA that pushed the envelope in actualizing the potentials of young fashion designers through the Young Designer’s Competition that gave rise to famous designers like Rajo Laurel, Veejay Floresca and Mich Dulce among many others. In 2010, the 18 year-old tradition was made more exciting by taking on a new format—MEGA conquered the boob tube with Generation Mega Season 1: The Young Designer’s Competition, a reality TV show that featured the 18 designers where Russell Villafuerte emerged victorious.

Sealing its glory as the standard for Filipino media excellence, MEGA returns with yet another offering that will make another history. Fashion Crew: Gen M Season 2 aims to discover five talented individuals whose skills are vital in putting together a fresh, forward and artistic fashion editorial for the magazine. As the brainchild of Mega Publishing Group’s president and CEO and MEGA Magazine’s editor-in-chief Sari V. Yap, the newest TV show is set to change the landscape of the fashion industry.

A pioneer in every sense of the word, Ms. Yap will be one of three resident judges who will determine who among 60 aspirants will be given the rare opportunity to be the next big names in the fields of hair styling, makeup, fashion styling, modeling and photography. Ms. Yap has always been known to be a trailblazer and an advocate of world-class Filipino talent. It all began when she defied the odds and mounted the Philippines’ first glossy fashion magazine, which has since paved the way for the glossy magazine industry in the country. She has received numerous awards in recognition of her work. Joining her are acclaimed fashion designer Avel Bacudio and top model Raya Mananquil, who were both part of Gen M’s first season.

Started his fashion career at a tender age of 17, Mr. Bacudio worked his way up, using his talent and his passion for the craft. He is now the executive creative director of a well-known garment company, where he focuses on fashion forecasts and product development, in the hopes of making fashion accessible to every Filipino. Currently, he is working on his own denim and underwear line, which he aims to launch this year.

Ms. Mananquil is among the most visible models today. Aside from gracing the spreads of top fashion magazines and being on countless billboards as an image model for different brands, she is also a lifestyle columnist for one of the leading broadsheets in the country. It is no wonder she a lot going on as she was an honor student at the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She has also been a radio DJ,a veteran PETA pal promoting vegetarianism, and she is also the first certified integral yoga instructor in the Philippines.

Apart from Yap, Bacudio, and Mananquil, a guest judge will come aboard the panel every week. Executive creative director Suki Salvador, deputy editor Meryll Yan,

Maybelline’s chief makeup artist Archie Tolentino, and noted hair stylist and TV host Borge Aloba will provide assistance to the hopefuls as mentors throughout the season. 

With leaders at the helm, there is no doubt that the search will produce the industry’s next movers and shakers.

MEGA Fashion Crew Gen M Season 2 airs every Saturday nights at 7:00pm, on ETC. Catch the replays every Sunday at 10am. MEGA Fashion Crew Gen M Season 2 is created for television by the MEGA Publishing Group. 


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Playlist: The Nouveau Dainty

If you guys remember, I stated in my previous entry on June 30, I will start making monthly playlists. Last month I chose a depressing theme, but for this I decided to go for something sweet and slightly delicate. meganon. I decided to name this playlist "The Nouveau Dainty." I decided to call it that because I noticed that the songs I've been listening to recently had a common beat or feel to it. This playlist has a mix of different genres. From electric guitars to the beautiful voice of Birdy. I added pictures to help you envision what I had in mind upon making this playlist. Think of it as if you're running through a field of sweet peas, even dancing in a field of lavender. If you want it much more romantic, think of a field and yourself running into the arms of someone. hehe Something sweet and dainty for you all. ;)

And all you'll hear is the music
And beauty stands before you
And love comes back around again
It's a carousel, my friend
- Carousel, Vanessa Carlton

"white rabbits on the run"

photos via: tumblr | weheartit


Monday, August 1, 2011

Nowhere Near Tiffany's

An outfit post! Lately the weather hasn't been cooperating, so this causes laziness in dressing up. This outfit, I wore this last thursday. I wanted to have a much more laid back/casual look since I was gonna commute right after class.

I could say that this look has been a daily uniform this term. I practically wear these denim shorts at least once a week or if I get lazy to dress up. It's my staple and it glues most of my outfits together. Admit it, most of you own a pair of cut offs that you practically rely on weekly! Recently, I've been hooked onto wearing these ear pieces. Especially ones with feathers. What I like doing is adding more feathers and even charms to make it look much more Coachella or Ke$ha-esque. Plus, with these I don't need to get my ears pierced hehe.

What I Wore: Forever 21 shirt, L.E.I. denim shorts, Earcuffs by Iza Artillero, Lemondrops Shoes, Accessories from Just G and etc.

Photos Via: Marita Galvez