Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blue Jeans

Hey dolls/bellas! Another outfit post for you guys! I am on a roll now with my entries! I wore this ensemble for New Year's Eve. Yes another very late post! hehe 

What I Wore: Forever 21 jeans & denim jacket, People are People shirt, Rolu boat shoes

The moment I saw this denim jacket at Forever 21, I immediately fell in love and simply couldn't let it go. BTW, its under Heritage 1981(brand under Forever 21). I've been abusing this jacket almost everyday. I just love the fit of the sleeves, the tribal print at the back and how its quite cropped at the back.

Enjoy the rest of your week dolls!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Whats in My Bag

Hey dolls/bellas! The title basically says it all, but anyways I've always wanted to do an entry like I just had no idea I was gonna do it. I originally wanted to take pictures of the items, but sadly I am bad in taking photos. My friends would probably attest to that too! hehe Anyways I decided to simply polyvore it! ONTO THE ENTRY!

BTW, some of the products on the photo aren't the actual thing, I couldn't find either the specific brand, item and etc. I'll definitely let you guys know though which ones!

BAG: Topshop Dracula Shopper Bag: I've actually had this bag, if I'm not mistaken 2 or 3 years? I forget! I have to say it definitely one of my favorites since it can fit most of my stuff in it. Especially for school! I've been using it since 4th year high school, and surprisingly it is still in good shape! I just love Topshop's line of shopper bag!

What you can find... my chocolate brown Juicy Couture(in another design) wallet, my nokia 5800, Purr by Katy Perry perfume, earphones(have no idea what the brand is and its different compared to the photo above), Lip Smackers in Kool-Aid Tropical Punch flavor, Viva Glam GaGa 2 lipglass, 21men sunglasses, a hairbrush, hand sanitizer, travel sized tissue, wet wipes, my pink notebook with castles and little fairies on it(different design compared to photo), and a ballpen! Basically I only carry what I need to get through a very long day in school, work, outing, lunch dates, dinners or whatever. I also refuse to use bag organizers since it always seems to get magically messed up in my bag. Random. Not as interesting no? What do you guys carry in your bag? 

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pawn Shop Blues

Hey dolls/bellas! Here I go again with my apology for neglecting my blog. I've been sooo wrapped up with different events such as Katy Perry's Concert and a lot more! Come to think of it, these last few weeks I've been out almost every day! Anyways I'm back and this time I will try to blog much more often! Its a new year and I want this blog to grow even more! For this entry, since I haven't done an outfit post for some time, here I go! If you're wondering what up with the title, well I've been in love with Lana Del Rey's album! It is just pure genius. Think cigarettes, flowers and everything dainty when listening to her! Anyways onto the post!

This look shot was actually taken way back on Christmas day, I just failed to blog about it during the holidays! Anyways I wore this to my family reunion, I wanted to go for something much more casual and try out the whole 1 color look. Hopefully, I do not look like the "Blue Ranger."

What I Wore: Valera shirt, Bench chinos, SM belt, Rolu boat shoes, Buddha jade beads

Shout out to my brother Migz who took my outfit shots!

Thanks again to Rolu shoes!

bisou bisou 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rolu Shoes

Hey guys!

I apologize for the very late entry! The past weeks have kept me busy with schoolwork, not to mention finals on top of everything else. Anyways I’m back and here I am writing my very first and again very late entry for 2012.

My good friend, who had just started his line of footwear called Rolu gave me a pair of boat shoes to blog about. I have to say the moment I saw them I literally freaked at how nice they were. Also since I’ve never seen boat shoes with such a vibrant color. Style and quality wise they are AMAZING. Plus can I mention how comfortable they are? They have also easily become my new everyday shoes. What’s great about them also is whenever I wear them; I always get compliments on how they’ve never seen a pair of boat shoes in that color or generally how nice they look! Another plus is how easy they are to incorporate into your wardrobe and your everyday look may it be running errands or going to a party.

Currently Rolu carries only men’s shoes in sizes 8-10.5 and are priced at 2400 pesos a pair. They're also made with 100% Filipino craftsmen and dedication, which is great. They have their signature boat shoe in different colors and color combinations, that you’re bound to find a pair that suits you and your personality. I’ll be posting the details at the end of this entry on how you can purchase a pair.

Thank you again sooo much Rossini Lu (designer)!

Website: CLICK
Facebook: CLICK

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