Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trace a Line

Another outfit post! I wore this to school last friday. The theme was boho, but I realized I barely have anything bohemian except for a few accessories such as scarves, feathers, beads etc. I decided to go with a much more basic look. I was also able to snag a pair of basic black shorts, something I've been in need of recently. I actually made it longer, since I found it too short. hehe Its just so I could use it everyday and feel comfortable since, I can imagine the abuse this pair is gonna go through. Though at least I was able to snap a shot of how the shorts look before I made it longer! Also, I was finally able to use a bandana! It turned out well hopefully? Very Lady GaGa's Judas video no?

What I Wore: Topman Cardigan, Forever 21 shorts, House of Rocks crochet necklace, rings from anywhere

Photos via: Alyssa Lapid

I've been doing a lot shorts looks recently, so hopefully for the next few posts I'll be able to put the shorts look to rest first(I've abused it too much). hehe Time to break out the jeans.


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