Monday, August 1, 2011

Nowhere Near Tiffany's

An outfit post! Lately the weather hasn't been cooperating, so this causes laziness in dressing up. This outfit, I wore this last thursday. I wanted to have a much more laid back/casual look since I was gonna commute right after class.

I could say that this look has been a daily uniform this term. I practically wear these denim shorts at least once a week or if I get lazy to dress up. It's my staple and it glues most of my outfits together. Admit it, most of you own a pair of cut offs that you practically rely on weekly! Recently, I've been hooked onto wearing these ear pieces. Especially ones with feathers. What I like doing is adding more feathers and even charms to make it look much more Coachella or Ke$ha-esque. Plus, with these I don't need to get my ears pierced hehe.

What I Wore: Forever 21 shirt, L.E.I. denim shorts, Earcuffs by Iza Artillero, Lemondrops Shoes, Accessories from Just G and etc.

Photos Via: Marita Galvez


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