Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Playlist: The Nouveau Dainty

If you guys remember, I stated in my previous entry on June 30, I will start making monthly playlists. Last month I chose a depressing theme, but for this I decided to go for something sweet and slightly delicate. meganon. I decided to name this playlist "The Nouveau Dainty." I decided to call it that because I noticed that the songs I've been listening to recently had a common beat or feel to it. This playlist has a mix of different genres. From electric guitars to the beautiful voice of Birdy. I added pictures to help you envision what I had in mind upon making this playlist. Think of it as if you're running through a field of sweet peas, even dancing in a field of lavender. If you want it much more romantic, think of a field and yourself running into the arms of someone. hehe Something sweet and dainty for you all. ;)

And all you'll hear is the music
And beauty stands before you
And love comes back around again
It's a carousel, my friend
- Carousel, Vanessa Carlton

"white rabbits on the run"

photos via: tumblr | weheartit


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