Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Inner Scotty Cunha

Hey dolls/bellas! Sorry for the short hiatus! Anyways I'm back and here I am giving you guys a brand new outfit post. I'm actually excited writing this entry since 1. I felt inspired by my friend Patricia's entry "My Inner Aria Montgomery," so I decided to make my own version or an alternate version! 2. I am still on a Lucy Hale high(more on that soon). 3. I have been dying to wear this shirt. 

My inspiration for this look were two people! Of course Lucy Hale, but mainly her best friend aka THE hair guru to the stars, Scott Cunha! Patricia and I have been saying since the moment Lucy Hale arrived in Manila that she would be Lucy and I'd be Scott! Anyways here it is!

What I Wore: Bench Lucy Hale tee, Forever 21 shorts, Ralph Lauren belt, OS cross-bone necklace, Vans white plimsolls

Random: Pat/Tippi, I found these readers from my pile sunnies from the Hawaiian Punk! Let me know if its whose it is! :)

Thanks to my brother Migz for taking my outfit shots!

Thats all for now! Scotty, if you're reading this it was nice meeting you during Bench show!

bisou bisou 

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