Friday, April 13, 2012

Block After Block

Hey dolls! Had to run errands today for my dad, so I decided to play with the basics and go back to what Lauren Conrad calls it "The American Uniform." Also known as jeans and t shirts, but again since Coachella is just a day away. I had it in mind as a peg for my outfit. Now I don't think I would ever wear jeans to Coachella(if I ever do get the chance to go) or a music festival per se. With such a simple ensemble, I just needed to accessorize.

What I Wore: Pink Belter: Kimono Jacket, Forever 21: Jeans, V-neck, Department Store: Sandals, Parisian: Envelope Clutch, Mia Casa: House of Harlow inspired necklace, Rebel Gear: Fedora, Nava: Baroque sunnies

The difference a kimono jacket can make! I swear it can instantly morph your simple outfit to something Nicole Richie would have put together! When in doubt wear a kimono!

Currently my favorite pair of sunnies! Ever since I've seen Lady GaGa wear the one from Prada, I have been dying to own at least something similar to it! Thanks Danika for reserving me a pair in Nava

Till next time dolls!

bisou bisou 

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