Friday, December 9, 2011

All I Want I Want for Christmas

Hey dolls/bellas! Its that time of the year again, in a few weeks we'll all be with our families enjoying the holidays. I just wanna share my wish list this Christmas, and don't worry I'm not asking you guys to purchase any of this. I just wanted to share it, and maybe you guys could share yours too! ;)


1. Katy Perry Concert Tickets - I missed her last time and I won't miss her again! Wouldn't it be awesome to kick off 2012 with the California Gurl herself! I can't miss this!

2. Victorious Tote Bag - I usually treat myself to a Christmas gift every year, and its usually a celebrity or disney merchandise. Last year, I bought myself a Lady GaGa sweatshirt. This year I ordered something from Toys R' Us! I got myself the 18in tote Victorious tote bag since my Selena Gomez/ Wizards of Waverly Place messenger bag is super overused and I'm beginning to love Victoria Justice. Thanks to my friend Kristen! I ordered this item through my friend with no hesitation. Plus its the perfect size for my everyday use since I can fit my laptop, folders, magazines and etc. PERFECT SCHOOL BAG! Another bonus was it was on super sale and it had an awesome promo. From $19 to $14 and it comes with a free... Victoria Justice/Tori Doll! hahaha The inner kid in me. I can't wait for this to arrive this January! 

3. Forever 21 Gift Card - This would instantly make me the happiest person. Anything that helps me update my wardrobe for next year makes me super happy and I simply love Forever 21! Time to stock up on basics!

4. 3 Hole Doc Martens - If you guys haven't heard, Doc Martens recently opened in the Philippines. So happy hearing about this since the last time DMs were in the Philippines they closed down. I was just lucky enough to grab 2 pairs, both were on sale too. Now they're back and I'm eyeing myself a pair of simple black 3 hole docs!

5. Creepers - I have been coveting a pair non-stop since the day I saw Avril Lavigne wear a pair back then. I might add this to my gift to myself! 

6. Lady GaGa x Terry Richardson Book - Now all of you know how much of a Lady GaGa fan I am. This is definitely a must have for both GaGa fans and fashion enthusiasts. Making sure I get a copy of this. It would look so good next to my copy of Olsen Twins' Influence.

Well thats all for now actually. Now how about you guys? Whats on your Christmas Wish list this 2011?

bisou bisou,

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