Monday, December 5, 2011

Bloggers United Haul

RETAIL THERAPY. If theres one thing that can calm me down its that. Yesterday, Bloggers United 2 took place at Treston College. Now if you guys haven't heard of it, which I'm sure most of you have. Its basically a bazaar wherein bloggers and a few others have a bazaar to sell stuff(clothes, accessories, shoes, etc). Its that one chance where you'll be able to shop your favorite blogger's wardrobe. Yup you head that right their wardrobe! Anyways straight to the point, I WENT CRAZY. Shopped with The Little Big Spender(Inna) herself and our friend Daniel Ymbong. Sadly wasn't able to take photos of the event itself. :(


Zipper Necklace: This was the first item I bought, since I decided to go Patricia and Kryz's booth first! When Pat showed me her box of accessories that were on sale I immediately noticed and actually remembered this zipper necklace she wore to school once! Super fell in love with this piece and bought with no hesitation since its such a statement. 

Sunnies & Scarf: Aside from the zipper necklace I saw this beautiful scarf also inside the box of accessories, again I grabbed with no hesitation. Perfect accessory to attach to your bag! After checking the box of accessories, my eyes all of a sudden shifted to another box of accessories. This time in that box were rings, earrings and sunnies! Then upon looking I saw this round framed sunnies, then again I grabbed it and bought it from PATTTTT! 

The only thing better than regular skulls are PINK SKULLS.

This has definitely become my new favorite cardigan!

Minnie Muse x Forever 21 Cardigan: ABSOLUTELY MY MOST FAVORITE FIND DURING THIS BAZAAR. I just adore this exclusive collaboration of F21 and Disney. They put Minnie Mouse on fashion steroids and made her look fashionable. I remember seeing this cardigan last year, when I visited Forever 21. I was actually gonna ask Pat if she was gonna sell this cardigan, but of course I forgot. Finding this was actually coincidence, I was just making chikka/making jokes with Pat about how I'd buy a skirt from her and I won't fit etc. Then she suddenly told me to buy her Minnie Muse cardigan. She grabbed it from a pile of clothes then again and again with no hesitation I PURCHASED IT! Super happy with this, and I can see the abuse this cardigan is gonna go through! 

Studded Bucket Bag: I've always wanted a bucket bag, but I couldn't seem to find one that suited my style. I found this when I was checking out the pile of bags Pat had at the side of her booth. When buying this It was actually a competition bet. this and another studded bag, but I felt the studded bucket bag could be my everyday bag. PLUS you'll never guess how much I got this bag for! ;)


Gelo Arucan's Booth


Fox Tail: After shopping at Pat's booth, I remembered I NEEDED to buy a foxtail at Gelo Arucan's booth. How did I know he was selling fox tails? Well he made an entry previewing what he'll be selling at the blogger's bazaar. I was just sooo excited to make this purchase, since I've been wanting a fox tail after seeing it on Nasty Gal and!

From Minnie Mouse to Hello Kitty! 

D-Mop x Hello Kitty Sweatshirt: After buying my fox tail, I decided to pay Toxic Dico Boy aka Mike Magallanes' booth a visit. I also saw a preview of the clothes he was gonna be selling. As I was sorting through his rack of clothes, he was nice enough to show me some pieces I might be interested in. One of the pieces first showed me was this very very very intriguing Hello Kitty piece. 

Cape Top: After showing me the Hello Kitty sweatshirt, I asked if he had more capes then he showed me this divine cape looking top. 

Daryl Chang's Booth

Folded & Hung Oversized Top: Found this top when sorting through Daryl's rack of clothes. I actually didn't notice this till I actually looked through the rack again. When I saw it I immediately fell in love with the print and the size. I just love oversized shirts, and this one was a winner! Perfect for a lazy day, definitely pairing this up with denim shorts and black converse. 

Andre Chang's Booth

It took me a while to figure out how to wear this vest!

Studded X Back Vest: I was sooo excited to shop Andre's booth, since I've been following him on lookbook ever since! I just felt sooo bad since I saw sooo many nice jackets at his booth, but sadly some were too small. I didn't give up though, I just needed to buy a piece from Andre's booth! After minutes of looking and sorting I found this very interesting vest. 

Paul Jatayna's Booth

Heather Miss Grey Shirt: I think this was the last item I bought at the bazaar. Found this while making chikka with Paul and looking at the clothes he was selling. I actually wasn't gonna get this at first, I was suppose to get another top from him but for some reason and with the convincing of Inna that Heather Miss Grey shirt haunted me! I decided to change that top and get the HMG shirt instead! Another very interesting piece! One of my favorite finds from the bazaar too! 

Thats basically all of the stuff I got and came home with from the bazaar! I'm actually happier with my finds from this bazaar compared to the St. James Bazaar, plus everything fits perfectly! I was able to buy all the things I wanted without that shopping guilt! 

Congrats to everyone behing Bloggers United 2! Judging from all the pictures I've been seeing, the event was super successful! To the ones that weren't able to attend this shopping experience, hate to say it but you missed out! Can't wait for the next one!

bisou bisou,

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  1. You are so lucky, Rafael! You scored a lot of good pieces! I really regret that I came in late! :(