Friday, December 16, 2011

Sequin at a Time

While writing this entry I am currently getting ready for the SoFA Christmas party. If you guys don't know every year SoFA has a Christmas party with a theme, and this year the chosen theme was 70s aka Disco. Upon reading/hearing about the theme, I immediately was trying to figure out what I wanted to wear. I didn't know if I wanted to be a hippie or a disco diva! haha I decided to mix both since I've always loved the style of hippies and being a diva. cheka. Just today I was able to find the main piece to my outfit, and of course it had to have sequins. Whats life with no glitter and sequins. Nicole and I decided to hit Forever 21 right after class and search for the perfect outfit, and we were definitely contented with our finds. I was able to snag this beautiful basic black blazer with electric blue sequin sleeves. I immediately grabbed it upon seeing it. There was also a powder pink one, but Nic told me to get the black one. It was such a good choice too since I could definitely use it more often than the pink one.

The blazer is actually from F21's Heritage 1981. I have always been a fan of H81, idk if its me but I like the fit of their clothes more than F21's. I also noticed the clothes from H81 has much more character.

Again, the sleeeeevessssssss.

The blazer is actually from their signature collection.

You can never have too many Party Headbands! Got this since, I'll be changing my gold knot headband to this when we head to Fiamma. 

Thats all for now! Now I gotta get ready since I have to be at SoFA before 6! Gotta get my groove on! cheka

bisou bisou 

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