Monday, November 28, 2011

Greyson Chance Live in Manila Part. 1


Hola Bellas/Dolls! I apologize for not being able to blog for a couple of days, and I want to say sorry also to you dolls about a certain chat I was promoting. Long story short it was such a disappointment and it was very very very very (I cannot stress how many verys) unprofessional. I really apologize about that, but sadly these things happen.

Le Ticket

Di ko bet piano nya dito. Wish it looked like the one in the Waiting Outside Lines vid. Its the piano on the video behind. It says LOVE.

Sound Check

 On a lighter note... This entry is pretty late(sorry again for that), but if you guys have been following my tweets you would usually see #GreysonHangover on my tweets. Well, it's because I met the amazing young singer/songwriter Greyson Chance discovered on youtube by Ellen. I just can't explain how amazed I am by him esp. at his age. He reminds me of a baby Adele. No lie. I just can't put into words how nice his voice is live. To start things off, it was 2-3 days before the concert I had become a fan of him(poser no? cheka) cause of my friend Lord. I had heard of him already, but I had no idea how talented he was after watching his video of Waiting Outside the Lines. Then I kept tweeting how great he was, and how I'd love to meet him etc. Then one of my really good friends Kristen dm'd me asking if I was gonna watch, then I said no cause I have no ticket/ride. She then said that her cousin backed out, so I could buy her ticket. Thanks sooooo much Kristen!!! LOVE YOU!!! You guys have no idea(Tippi, Patricia, Nicole alam nyo na yan) how happy I was upon finding out I was gonna watch his show at the Piazza on Sunday November 20.

Krissy & Ericka opened the show! In fairness bet ko na sila! I love their song 12:51. Naka relate lola nyo. Cheka!

Greyson takes the stage! He opened with Unfriend You

The Day Itself... Sunday, has finally come aka November 20. I met up with Kristen at Town Center, so I could ride with her going to Piazza(btw, Kristen's school is like a 1 minute walk to Piazza. Bonggels lang tong place na toh if I may add). When We got there, We go got our Greyson Tour package(2nd to the last photo). I'll put a caption, so you guys know what was inside the package. Kristen and I thought we were gonna be able to take a picture with him, since thats what MCA said. Much to our surprise bawal(on my next entry I'll post Kristen's video, so its easier for you guys to understand what happened with the meet & greet). All I can say is it was very disappointing when hearing we weren't allowed to take a photo with him. Anyways, I'll post more about the show itself on part. 2 for this entry. BTW, I divided this entry into 2 parts because I'm still sorting through photos(not just concert shots, but from other events) PLUS I'll be posting mine and Kristen's meet and greet vid! BTW, don't expect to much on mine cause you won't see him. ANG FAIL NG LOLA MO. Thankfully Kristen got a good shot where you can hear both of us and see him! For now enjoy and fall for the photos dolls!

The Greyson Tour Pack included: Total Girl back issue, Greyson Chance tumbler, Greyson Chance poster and Greyson Chance's Hold on Til' The Night

I leave you guys with my favorite song from his album Hold on Til' The Night. I just love how strong his voice is, how the message of the song is so direct and delivered beautifully.

You’ll never enjoy your life,
living inside the box
You’re so afraid of taking chances,
how you gonna reach the top?

to be continued...

bisou bisou,

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