Monday, July 25, 2011

Pilipinas Football Jerseys

Recently, football has sparked a HUGE trend in the beautiful Manila. Aka the "Rebirth of Football."It's really great seeing how everyone gathers together to watch, play or simply experience the sport. While doing all that, why not stay in style? A good friend of mine has just started his own line of football jerseys, and you should definitely check it out!
"Designed and inspired by the rebirth of football in the Philippines, this jersey embodies the love for our country and the game. Made for the fans and footballers in mind, the design is influenced by the colors of our nation’s flag. It features a diagonal stripe across and rubberized details on the sleeve. Proudly present at the back is our homeland written in our native tongue. Finally, the crest that rests above the heart is inspired by our nation’s coat of arms. All these elements make up for a jersey that is sleek, modern and nationalistic. Designed to look good on or off the field, it is ready to be worn by die-hard Filipino fans all over."
photos via: Rossini Lu 

Cool right? Show your Pilipinas and Football pride and order your very own!

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  1. Hello Dude,

    Very good site you have created. Football jerseys usually run big in the shoulders and smaller around the stomach and waist. Many people think that if they wear an extra-large T-shirt, then they should get the same size for a football jersey.