Monday, May 23, 2011

Coming Home

After almost 3 months of hiatus, all of a sudden I've missed blogging. I'm not gonna brag or anything, but life after my Taylor Swift blog entry has been pretty eventful! One thing would be I turned 19 just last March and another would be finishing my 1st year in SoFA. That leads me to Summer which is now. For the past few weeks I've been mostly bumming around my cousin's place, saw Justin Bieber live and watch one show in Phil. Fashion Week. Shocking, I haven't partied this whole summer! Anyways, my most favorite thing I did though was assist in a shoot. I'll definitely blog about it once the issue is out, which is pretty soon! Pretty much thats it so far for my summer, but hopefully this week turns out well since I'll be visiting the place I lived in before I moved back to Manila. Just like Lauren Conrad when she goes home to Laguna Beach. I always pictured my life similar like hers. I wasn't born in Subic like she was in Laguna, but I moved there when I was around 14 or 15? I forget, then after a few years i moved back to the big city which is Manila aka my very own The Hills/L.A. Chos. Anyways thats all for now! I'll definitely be blogging sooner than you think!

btw, I hope you guys like my kind of re-vamped layout! Added some new things on the side and new banner, wanted to downgrade and keep the banner a little bit low key for now.


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