Friday, May 27, 2011

A Fashion Fairytale

I've always had this fascination for Fairy Tales. I always put in descriptions/about me that I do believe in them. When I mean by believing, is that I do think it's possible to find a story similar to the books but in a realistic point of view. I guess as a child I've always enjoyed love stories, so thats where I'm guessing my fondness for it came from. I prefer the stories that are close to reality or adapting it, like Beastly. I recently read a magazine that featured a book I am quite interested in purchasing. It combines the two things that are close to me, Fashion & a Fairytale. I'm talking about Christian Lacroix's adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. I actually browsed through a copy in Fully Booked today, and I must say the illustrations are beyond. Beautiful and intricate just the way I pictured stories/fairytales. I wouldn't say the the illustrations are whimsical or cutesy cutesy, it had this avant garde touch to it. To sum it all up it was very Lacroix and. I'd call it Sleeping Beauty on steroids. This book is actually the first of a collection of Fashion Fairytales published by Camilla Morton(How to Walk in High Heels). As I read up on more information on the collection, the next two to tackle the wonderful world would be John Gallian and The Tale of Cinderella and Manolo Blahnik and the Tales of the Elves and the Shoemakers. I'm quite intrigued on how Galliano's will turn out! Just because. ;) I am definitely going to purchase a copy of this soon, such a collector's item.

Intriguing no??? I am curious what the twist or difference of the story is!


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