Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Born This Way

Before I post my next "boring" entry hehe I wanna do an outfit post! Now, this look I'll be showing was taken around March or April? I forget. I wore this to another typical day in school. I guess you can say that the title of this entry matches sweatshirt I'm wearing. I haven't mentioned this I think, but I love collecting celebrity/musician t-shirts! I actually have a growing collection of specifically Lady GaGa shirts. I try my best to haunt for them, but damn is it difficult! I've collected around 5 shirts already! Hopefully I find more! I currently want the one with a unicorn!

What I Wore: Topman Lady GaGa sweatshirt, Forever 21 jeans, H&M headband from Mads, Folded & Hung necklace, Payless moccasins, socks from Lauren 

Thats all for now! Just a quick entry! Bad news though, I won't be going to Subic anymore this week. Some things came up, but its all good. For now I'll be enjoying my Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon!


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