Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tonight was More Than a Fairy Tale... Thank You, Taylor Swift

Disclaimer: This entry will be very text-y, may get emotional and will definitely take 5-7 minutes of your time. Forgive me. It's Taylor Swift!

A 2 weeks late entry. I'm still on concert high/hangover. I still feel as if everything that happened on night of February 19th was a dream...

The Pre-Concert
Around September-October, it's been a rumor that singer/songwriter/grammy winner Taylor Swift was going to perform live in Manila for her Speak Now Tour. It turned out the rumors were true. Upon hearing she was going to perform here, I already panicked and felt adrenaline. November, tickets were released. I didn't know that demand for her tickets was sooo much! I felt as if, ok whatever any seat would do as long I get to see her. My brother and I rushed to MOA to get seats, and luckily we ended up with tickets. We never really cared how near we were to the artist, hearing the artist and seeing them in flesh was good enough.

The Night Itself
I cannot express words on how I felt about that night. Amazing? Unforgettable? Awesome? Seeing Taylor in flesh was just a dream back in 2006. No one really even knew about her. Then look now! I accomplished two goals off my bucket list. Which was to see Taylor Swift live and own a t shirt. The moment she came out, I already felt the tears(CHEESY), just the thought of seeing someone you've looked up to and put a smile on your face just leaves you speechless. The mood of the coliseum was just AMAZING, I felt the chills and I literally have never seen Araneta that way. Hearing her belt Enchanted and Love Story, were just moments I could never forget. The whole night was just great, hearing everyone sing and sharing their love for her music was just epic. Definitely the best concert I've been to.

Growing Up
One fact I think most people should know about me is that Taylor Swift is my favorite artist. I've always mentioned that her songs to me are like the Bible and words to live by. I guess I pretty grew up with her songs through high school. I remember hearing her songs Tim McGraw and Teardrops on My Guitar in 2006. I've always felt that the songs she wrote were addressed to me. The best part is, whenever you feel depressed or sad or happy, there's always this one Taylor Swift song that suits that mood of yours. I actually wished that I've heard the song Fifteen when I was Fifteen. I guess things would be different if I have heard it back then. Basically, Taylor Swift made me un-afraid, being able to take risks with love, waiting patiently that one day things will change, standing up for myself, trying to make every single day of my life a fairy tale and most importantly believe in love again.

A Note for Taylor
She may never read this, but whatever I wanna get this out. I just wanna say a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU. I never imagined that I'd actually see you in person and hear you. Your music has touched a lot of lives including mine and you made me believe again. Thank you for serenading the whole Manila with your music and giving us a real life fairy tale. We were enchanted to see you live. Thank You Taylor Swift.

Hope that entry wasn't too long and sulky? I bet most of you think I'm such a fanboy or a loser? haha Thanks for reading though!


Words of Wisdom

"i've learned a lot of lessons in life and i think that the hardest lessons are the lessons you have to keep learning over and over and over again because sometimes it still feels like i'm still learning the lessons i started learning when I was fifteen" - Taylor Swift


  1. Altho I'm not a big fan, I admire her for her humbleness. :) Congrats on seeing one of your idols!

  2. I wish I was there even if I'm not really a big fan. I'm happy for you for making your dream come true on that enchanting night :)