Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last Friday Night

I have to apologize again for my inconsistent blogging. I've been swarmed by school work, so it's cause me to neglect my blog. Anyways from this day on, I hope to blog more(emphasize on the HOPE). 

Last last friday, my best friend Inna celebrated her birthday at Fiamma. Planned by the birthday girl herself and Ysabel. Definitely a much needed night since, I guess a lot are busy with school. It was such a fun celebration, was able to see people(Lauren, Alex, Diana, Victor, Megan etc.) whom I haven't seen in forever! I guess for one of them it's been a year since I've seen her. Plus I was able to meet new people!

Outfit Shots
What I Wore: Thrifted Blazer, Topman Gray V Neck, Green V Neck(under), Forever 21 jeans, accessories from Aranaz, PLF & Folded & Hung

Diana Cho

Megan Young

Francesca Fogliata

*notice anything with the outfit shots? Inna pointed out we were all wearing cross necklaces! 

I'm definitely hoping for more nights like this!

photos via: Inna Santiago

Basically thats it. Next entry coming super soon!!! :)


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