Friday, January 28, 2011

Pink 4 Thursdays

First thing, sorry for the hiatus!!! I've been really busy since my last entry mainly because school has started. I promise to start blogging regularly from this entry on! Luckily, I was able to gather outfit shots from last week/1st week of the 3rd term!

1st Week Outfits
Orientation Day
What I Wore: Jacket given by a friend(Luigi), SM V-Neck, Forever 21 jeans, Accessories from F&H, PeaceLoveFashion and Mia Casa, Rockport boots

I finally got a pair Andre Chang x Folded & Hung combat boots!!! I've been dreaming of owning a pair since Philippine Fashion Week last october! The shoe is definitely a statement, though the size is quite big it still remains comfortable! My wish is that Andre Chang or Folded & Hung comes out with a full blown shoe line!!! Special Thanks to Ingrid Roxas!!!
Philippine Fashion Week: Streetcast 2010
1st Day of School
What I Wore: Vintage blazer, Forever 21 shirt, cargo jeans, Andre Chang x Folded & Hung combat boots, accessories from F&H, Forever 21 & PeaceLoveFashion

Fashion Thursdays: Shout Pink
What I Wore: Vintage Blazer, 21men white V-Neck, Forever 21 jeans, Rockport boots, Andre Chang x Folded & Hung bib necklace, Aan Pineda pink pill ring

Thats basically all the looks I have for now. Definitely more coming soon!!! 

SoFA FIBRE: Aside from outfit shots, my school: School of Fashion and the Arts has come out with their own blog entitled Fibre. Hope you guys can check it out!!! There you will be able to see what the students have been up to such as competitions, fashion thursdays(ex: last outfit shot) and etc. They'll also be posting about the latest workshops and upcoming capsule classes! Check it out!!!

RISQ DESIGN COMPETITION: One more thing!!! My friend/fellow blogger, Danika Navarro of Hello Rio &  FHQ Manila is entering a contest entitled RISQ SUMMER FASHION DESIGN COMPETITION. We would greatly appreciate your full support! You could start by voting through the poll! Click Here to vote!

Alright thats all for now! Hope guys enjoyed this post!!! Be blogging soon!!!