Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If I Ever Feel Better

To start things off, Happy New Year everyone!!! 1st entry for 2011!!! How was everyone's new year's eve??? Well mine was just a simple dinner with my mom's side of the family! We sang to songs such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Train etc. I gotta mention, we played with sparklers! I couldn't help, but mentally hear Katy Perry's firework playing in the back ground!!! I guess Christmas season is almost over once this weekend hits! I'm super sorry if my blogging has been inconsistent. I've been out of the house constantly. Well in this entry, I'll feature my outfits that I wore during the season, what I've been up to and my current playlist! Hope thats alright???

Here are my overdue outfit shots taken on the 24th & 25th! For the 31st I wasn't able to take an outfit shot, so I just put together a get the look image! 

Holiday Outfits

Ayuyao Reunion
What I Wore: 21men button up shirt, SM smart shorts, Payless Shoes Moccasins, Mia Casa bracelet

Taken at the Jimenez-Arenas Reunion
What I Wore: 21men button up shirt, SM smart shorts, Puma shoes, Accessories from Aranaz and Forever 21

Taken at the Valera Reunion
What I Wore: SM Denim button up shirt, 21men pants, bracelet from Mia Casa

New Year's Eve
What I Wore: Topman Lady GaGa sweatshirt, SM smart shorts and shoes, F&H necklace
Note: the smart shorts I used were the same ones I used at the first 2 pics!

Some Pics from Christmas

Spent Christmas Eve with one of my best friends Kyo. Definitely one of the best nights of 2010

With Lola Baby 

Opening my tita's gift to me! Definitely one of my most favorite items at the moment! Yes the Sex and The City 2 book was inside that bag! Most faboosh presents ever!

What I've been up to
photos via: FHQ & Ingrid Roxas

Retail Therapy!!! Definitely one of the best during this break!!! Ingrid, Kyo and I went all out in Forever 21 last week!!! It was perfect timing too since they had the best deals EVER! I mean it! Buy 1 take 1? How could you say no!!! Example: Bought a pair of taupe pants then got a free button up polo shirt in return! I was able to stock up on basic shirts, skinny jeans and headpieces(crown go to post inner momsen)!!! After New Year, Ingrid (officially my new shopping buddy/forever 21 buddy) and I went back! I was able to get more shirts, sweatshirts and a pair of jeans! I think I'm definitely ready for term 3 at school! At least my wardrobe/closet is! I visited Topshop and Topman too! I was able to purchase the Lady GaGa sweatshirt and a cinched headband! Both of which I have been coveting! I'm guessing enough shopping for now since I'm definitely satisfied with my buys! Right Ingrid??? :)

I've been on quite the music high lately, so I wanna give you guys my current/first playlist for January/2011!  Some of the songs here, I'm sure the one's who go to Forever 21 religiously will find it familiar! Hope you guys listen to some of the songs!!!

January Playlist
Big Wave- Jenny & Johnny
Clap Your Hands (Prince Vince Remix) - Sia
Hands (Low Sunday Remix) - The Ting Tings
Skin - Rihanna
If I Ever Feel Better - Phoenix
Lisztomania - Phoenix
Baby (cover) - 3 a.m.
Hot Mess - Chromeo
If This was a Movie - Taylor Swift
Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club
Everything is Beautiful - Kylie Minogue
Brightly Wound - Eisley
Blow - Ke$ha
What The Hell - Avril Lavigne
Jump In - High Places

Alright! First post for 2011! Thats all for now! I still have no idea what to post next, but I'll be sure to update very soon! 



  1. I love your outfits. I wish I could pull of shorts. :( I have twiggy legs. lol

  2. aww thanks!!! anyone can pull of shorts! you just gotta find the right length and color/material!

  3. Raf- Your post inspired me to finally make the trip out to Megamall. Oh wow, I was overwhelemed! It is one of my resolutions this year to dress up and take care of myself more, so I wanted to get a few pieces to snazz up my wardrobe. I felt so lost when I got there, I'm not a 20 something anymore and can't get away with 90% of those clothes. Agh, I'm doomed to dress like my mother.

  4. Hi ms! Your not doomed! Your never ever too old to dress up! Yes, it is very very very overwhelming going there! Plus Forever 21 has some clothes that really aren't for everybody and sometimes have a questionable look! I think it's really about digging through the piles of clothing and looking through the racks! The 1st time I went there I came home with nothing, then the 2nd time I took the time look for some items then I came home with some great pieces. It can get annoying looking through racks, but I guess patience will get you to your dream wardrobe!!! Keep looking!

    Thanks for the comment ms!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement Raf!:) When you're a famous stylist, I'll hire you to re-vamp my entire wardrobe! Haha, I'll be the only teacher with her own stylist. :)

  6. I'm passing on to you the Versatile Blogger Award! All you have to do is visit my blog & follow the steps! :)


  7. @Mrs. Yap no prob!!! i would be honored to!!! :)

    @ingrid thanks love!!! :)

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  9. What I noticed about your Holiday outfits are your button up shirts! I love it! And omg, ang dami niyong napamili sa F21. Nahilo ako nung tinry kong mag holiday shopping don :)) Ang daming tao :))

  10. @nettie yes yes yes!!! button up shirts are way to go especially if it's a reunion with family! we couldn't help ourselves with F21 hahaha The deals were just unbelievable, but yes it can get very very hectic in there! thanks for reading!

  11. Yay for retail therapy!

    And great playlist!

    Thanks for the blog comment, stop by again soon! :o)


  12. Hmm, I realize I should hire you BEFORE you become famous. I won't be able to afford your fees! Haha!

  13. hi im just wondering how much did you spend on that combat shoes ?