Friday, December 31, 2010

After a Hurricane, comes a Rainbow

Happy New Years EVE!!! Emphasize on the EVE, we still have a few more hours till we say our goodbyes to the year 2010 and welcome 2011. For this entry, I wanted to write a much more personal text-y write up, but I thought maybe pictures would simply summarize my year. I just wanna wish everyone a Happy Happy New Year! Let's all wrap this year up with our own resolutions, and hopefully stick to it!

A major part of 2010 for me was Glee/Kurt Hummel. If only Glee came out when I was in high school. 

photos via: flickr and tumblr

I also wanna thank you guys for all the support you've given Barefoot Prince Charming & [FHQ] Manila this past two months. Thank you for all the comments! It means the world to me & the [FHQ] team!!! 

As for now thats my New Year's entry. It wasn't too much and I hope I got my message across! I am beyond thankful for all the blessings I have received this year, the accomplishments I've done and the people I have met. It's been a splendid lovely year! I hope all the best for all of you this coming 2011! 2010 was a good year, but I have this gut feeling 2011 will be killer and to die for!!! 

For now, I'll be getting ready for a night of fun with my beloveds! 




Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the Eve of Christmas

It's finally the Eve everyone!!! I just wanna wish every single one of you the Merriest and Happiest Christmas! Hope you guys have a blast with all your family and friends!!! Heres a little something for you guys!!! One of my favorite renditions of a Christmas song this season!!! I'm not being bias since it's Kurt/Chris Colfer singing, this version is just really great. :)

A Merry Merry Merry Christmas to you all!

"heres to the birthday boy, who saved our lives"


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Season...

Since it's Christmas, I wanna show you guys what I'm up to or loving at the moment!
1. Bangles- or as I'd like to call them 'Mangles.' I've always been into accessories, and I've realized that bangles were such a steal! I mean a fistful for 199-400? It spices up any outfit, a plain white shirt and a fistful of these babies, will get me a long way! Thanks Rachel Zoe! 

2. Glee Marathon/Christmas Songs- Last Christmas, I had a marathon of Gossip Girl episodes. This time I wanna have a marathon to the show, most of us fell in love with. As for Christmas songs, I've been listening to the playlist I created last year, and of course the Taylor Swift and Glee Christmas album. Get into season everybody!!! 4 more days!!!

3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show- My friend and I had a marathon of the shows from 2008-2010. The ladies are just BEAUTIFUL, and a definite MUST WATCH every year! My favorites: Adriana Lima & Miranda Kerr

4. Cupcakes- I received a box of these babies from a friend, and they are just the perfect gifts for anybody and stomachs!!! I can feel the Holiday weight coming.

5. The Rachel Zoe Project- Definite must watch too! It shows that being a stylist isn't an easy job, but Rachel does kick some ass in this series! I'm still on season 2, but it's just pure love!!!

6. Chai Tea- My drink for all seasons. I usually get it iced, but since the weather has been quite cold hot chai tea would be the perfect combination with any book. 

7. Cannibal - Ke$ha- The songs are just sick!!!

8. Cat Eye shades- I found a great alternative to the Alexander Wang shades. Since my Mickey Mouse shades fell apart, I replaced it temporarily with a pair from Forever 21.

9. Lauren Conrad Style- I finally have time to read this gem of a book. 

what are you guys loving or up to?

Finals Week Outfits

Heres are my looks that I wore for that last week of school! This will probably be my last outfit post till after the 25th! 
December 15 Look
What I Wore: Ralph Lauren Pullover, Forever 21 jeans, Payless Shoes Moccasins, Accessories from Mia Casa and Forever 21

December 16 Look

What I Wore: Thrifted by Steph Verano pullover hoodie, Forever 21 jeans and accessories, Jeremy Scott for Adidas 3 tongue sneakers

with Nicole Aquino

pictures via: Patricia Prieto

Basically thats it! 4 more days to go guys till we celebrate Christmas again! 

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!!!

"heres to the birthday boy, who saved our lives"


Friday, December 17, 2010

Sometimes The Accessory Makes The Clothes

FINALLY! Finals are OVER, the term is OVER and now it's time for Christmas break!!! I've been waiting for this day since the term started. A lil bit dramatic noh? It's just Christmas is my favorite holiday. Well today went smoothly, had dinner with the family to celebrate Lolo and Lola's 50th at Greenbelt. Met up with Inna for a bit too! This entry will just be a mini outfit post!

This is what I wore to the last day of school and to dinner! I wanted to wear something simple, but add a little color and ACCESSORIES!

What I Wore: Jacket given by a friend(Luigi), Forever 21 jeans and accessories, Payless Shoes Moccasins, F&H bag

photos via: Inna Santiago

Now a celebration isn't complete with a treat. After dinner, I was planning to purchase a pair of espadrilles, but sadly they were out of stock. They're gonna replenish on the 25th. Instead my tita and I decided to check out Aranaz. I've been dying to get this bracelet from them from the RIIR(Rags to Riches) collaboration. I was already braising myself that it would be out of stock too, but just my luck there were only two left!!! Special special thanks to my tita for it!!! Here are some pics!!!

The bracelet to me is just such a statement piece because of it's color combination. Provides such ethnicity to it's design, that it turns into a stand out piece! It certainly can add a splash of color to an outfit! Plus it's for a really good cause too!

BTW! I was left in shock today, seeing that a JUICY COUTURE STORE HAS OPENED!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! I'm a sucker for their merchandise!!! hahaha

Till the next entry again!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Style Icon for A Day

Another late late late update!!! I've been soooo busy with school to the point I've been very inconsistent with my blogging. Sorry for that, but I'm quite happy since Christmas is on the way and FINALS ARE FINALLY DONE! Well sort of I just gotta submit my project for FILLUS 1. On this entry I'll be blogging about last week's Fashion Thursday. The theme was Manila Fashion Icons, so it was really exciting!!! Now I was suppose to be Raymond Gutierrez, cause we wanted to be the Preview team. I decided to go the other way and come as my real style icon Carlos Concepcion. I had my whole look figured out the day before!

My Peg for my outfit was what Carlos wore to a Garage Magazine event

What I Wore: Leather Jacket, Topman shirt, Lee black denims, Doc Martens

Patricia Prieto was Liz Uy. This was her peg.

wore: Outfit from Forever 21

photos via: Patricia Prieto

Only 9 more days till Christmas and a wish list never hurts!!!
1. Forever 21 Gift Certificates- Actually anything from F21 would be great!!! I have this thing every Christmas where you gotta shop for a 2011 wardrobe, New Year means new clothes!!! Accessories, shoes, and everything in between!

2. Gossip Girl Season 3 box set- This would be perfect for a lazy day, nothing better than some Chai and some Blair and Chuck. A mus for this coming break!!!

3. Combat Boots- Any brand would do, but I would die for a new pair!!!

4. Mulberry 'Alexa' Bag- A DREAM COME TRUE!!! I actually wanna star investing in one, but that might be hopeless with my habits. I'm planning to find an alternative instead!!! A satchel would be just fine!!!

5. Style A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe- I DIE! I have been on a Rachel Zoe craze! A definite must for another lazy day! I've gotta get this to add to my collection of books! Hoping to read this and continue with Lauren Conrad style!!! Chai would also be a great addition again!

6. Cannibal Album by Ke$ha- It's just a MUST!!!

7. More Skinnies- My favorite cut of jeans! I swear, I can NEVER have too many pair of jeans!!! A new set would be "buh-na-nas" for next year!!!

8. Fur Vest- I have been dreaming for the longest time to own something of pure fur. Faux of course!!! Another must for next year of course!!!

9. A Panther Ring- Just like Rachel Zoe! I have an Owl, but it's as fierce as a panther of course! Actually aside from this I'd love for more accessories! They are the key to an outfit sometimes. ;)

There you have it! My wish list for this Christmas! 

Thats all for now!!! I'll try to blog tomorrow again or this weekend! Hopefully feature December finds! I guess ta ta for now!!!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Carnivore, Animal, I am a Cannibal

Update!!! Finally!!! sorry for the delay in updating, school has been sooo killer. Finals are approaching and getting home really late isn't the cherry on the ice cream. On the bright side, it's finally December! The Glee & Taylor Swift Christmas albums has been playing over and over for the past few days. Mainly Kurt Hummel and Blaine's rendition of Baby It's Cold Outside. Anyways, for this entry I'll be updating on last week's Fashion Thursday, Forever 21 and FHQ's LAUNCH! So major squared entry ahead!

Fashion Thursdays: Animal Print
Now sadly, I didn't participate in this weeks Fashion Thursdays, but I did pick some looks I loved! I wasn't able to see everyone's though, since I had to go home early that day!
wore: Topman pullover, beret and socks from Hongkong, Charlotte Russe necklace, SM shorts, Parisian wedges

wore: thrifted leotard, Terranova pants, Rome heels

wore: outfit from Forever 21

Tippi Sy
wore: Peace Love Fashion battered shirt, skirt made by her, CMG shoes

What I wore: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Blazer, Topman Shirt, 21 Men jeans, SM sandals, Folded & Hung bag

Shopping: Forever 21
Now this store never FAILS to make me happy. The wonders it brings to my mood is just splendid! Last friday I went shopping with my tita and luckily they had a mini sale on jeans and etc. I was able to grab a couple of cool stuff! Such as skinny jeans for as low as 375,originally 495, a pair of olive green pants from 21 Men, and a Minnie Muse necklace! Hopefully I'll get to visit again before Christmas hits! I remember being young and going to Toys R Us and running around getting whatever I see. Forever 21 is my new Toys R Us.

Alas!!! The Fashion Headquarters!!! The website my friends(Guia, Patricia, Danika, Nicky, Ingrid) and I have worked on is finally out!!! This project is definitely one of the greatest things that happened to me this year. We started out as friends, and now we put together a blog! Wherein we share one common interest... FASHION(rocket science no?) and everything in between. I hope all of you guys take the time to visit the site! It would mean the world to us! Don't forget to show some love too!!!

Here are my shots from the shoot:
what I wore: 21 Men Leather Jacket and Jeans, Bench infinity scarf, People are People shirt, Doc Martens
Photo by: Tippi Sy
Photo via: FHQ

Next Entry: I hope to feature my Christmas wish list, things I am loving at the moment, the SoFA Christmas Party, Get the look entry(animal print), and finals week.