Friday, December 17, 2010

Sometimes The Accessory Makes The Clothes

FINALLY! Finals are OVER, the term is OVER and now it's time for Christmas break!!! I've been waiting for this day since the term started. A lil bit dramatic noh? It's just Christmas is my favorite holiday. Well today went smoothly, had dinner with the family to celebrate Lolo and Lola's 50th at Greenbelt. Met up with Inna for a bit too! This entry will just be a mini outfit post!

This is what I wore to the last day of school and to dinner! I wanted to wear something simple, but add a little color and ACCESSORIES!

What I Wore: Jacket given by a friend(Luigi), Forever 21 jeans and accessories, Payless Shoes Moccasins, F&H bag

photos via: Inna Santiago

Now a celebration isn't complete with a treat. After dinner, I was planning to purchase a pair of espadrilles, but sadly they were out of stock. They're gonna replenish on the 25th. Instead my tita and I decided to check out Aranaz. I've been dying to get this bracelet from them from the RIIR(Rags to Riches) collaboration. I was already braising myself that it would be out of stock too, but just my luck there were only two left!!! Special special thanks to my tita for it!!! Here are some pics!!!

The bracelet to me is just such a statement piece because of it's color combination. Provides such ethnicity to it's design, that it turns into a stand out piece! It certainly can add a splash of color to an outfit! Plus it's for a really good cause too!

BTW! I was left in shock today, seeing that a JUICY COUTURE STORE HAS OPENED!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE! I'm a sucker for their merchandise!!! hahaha

Till the next entry again!



  1. I see that Christina Aguilera poster right there!!! ♥

  2. On topic: Honestly, I don't have much accessories. It sucks. Me thinks that should be your Christmas gift to me!!! ♥

  3. hahaha we shall see! ;) Everyone, yes including boys should have a little Rachel Zoe in them! Rachel Zoe=ACCESSORIES

  4. love what you were wearing, you put it together very well. the bracelet is lovely too!

  5. la la la la so glad to see you that night! xx

  6. @chahana thank you and thanks for visiting!!!

    @inna so glad to see you too!!! hope to see you soon! miss ya!

  7. I totally agree with you, acessories can change everything and cute bracelet :)