Thursday, December 16, 2010

Style Icon for A Day

Another late late late update!!! I've been soooo busy with school to the point I've been very inconsistent with my blogging. Sorry for that, but I'm quite happy since Christmas is on the way and FINALS ARE FINALLY DONE! Well sort of I just gotta submit my project for FILLUS 1. On this entry I'll be blogging about last week's Fashion Thursday. The theme was Manila Fashion Icons, so it was really exciting!!! Now I was suppose to be Raymond Gutierrez, cause we wanted to be the Preview team. I decided to go the other way and come as my real style icon Carlos Concepcion. I had my whole look figured out the day before!

My Peg for my outfit was what Carlos wore to a Garage Magazine event

What I Wore: Leather Jacket, Topman shirt, Lee black denims, Doc Martens

Patricia Prieto was Liz Uy. This was her peg.

wore: Outfit from Forever 21

photos via: Patricia Prieto

Only 9 more days till Christmas and a wish list never hurts!!!
1. Forever 21 Gift Certificates- Actually anything from F21 would be great!!! I have this thing every Christmas where you gotta shop for a 2011 wardrobe, New Year means new clothes!!! Accessories, shoes, and everything in between!

2. Gossip Girl Season 3 box set- This would be perfect for a lazy day, nothing better than some Chai and some Blair and Chuck. A mus for this coming break!!!

3. Combat Boots- Any brand would do, but I would die for a new pair!!!

4. Mulberry 'Alexa' Bag- A DREAM COME TRUE!!! I actually wanna star investing in one, but that might be hopeless with my habits. I'm planning to find an alternative instead!!! A satchel would be just fine!!!

5. Style A to Zoe by Rachel Zoe- I DIE! I have been on a Rachel Zoe craze! A definite must for another lazy day! I've gotta get this to add to my collection of books! Hoping to read this and continue with Lauren Conrad style!!! Chai would also be a great addition again!

6. Cannibal Album by Ke$ha- It's just a MUST!!!

7. More Skinnies- My favorite cut of jeans! I swear, I can NEVER have too many pair of jeans!!! A new set would be "buh-na-nas" for next year!!!

8. Fur Vest- I have been dreaming for the longest time to own something of pure fur. Faux of course!!! Another must for next year of course!!!

9. A Panther Ring- Just like Rachel Zoe! I have an Owl, but it's as fierce as a panther of course! Actually aside from this I'd love for more accessories! They are the key to an outfit sometimes. ;)

There you have it! My wish list for this Christmas! 

Thats all for now!!! I'll try to blog tomorrow again or this weekend! Hopefully feature December finds! I guess ta ta for now!!!



  1. She is BOMB!!! I Die for Rachel Zoe!!! Thanks for commenting!

  2. @Patricia LOVE YOU! hahahah thanks for visiting bb! :)

  3. Btw, I think I saw you yesterday! Haha! Im not sure though. But when I saw the guy wearing the studded guy it reminded me of you. Were you in Moa?

  4. Yup I was in MOA yesterday!!! That probably was me! hahaha Where'd you see me? :)

  5. Hahaha! You are so tall, I think? Hehe. Department store. You walked past me somewhere in the perfume section :)Nice to see you though! Hahahahaha.

  6. omg that probably was me!!! hahaha you should have approached me! would have been great to meet you!

  7. Hahaha! I wasnt sure if "he" was you! Hahaha. It would have been great to meet people like you who share the same passion like I do! Hope there's next time :)

  8. Don't worry there will ALWAYS be next time!!! hahaha super nice if i had met you though!!! i'm in MOA usually anyways! so the next time you see studs or someone with a ton of accessories on and is tall, i think that would be me! hahaha great that we all share the same passion! :)

  9. You should've gone as Raymond Gutierrez. lol Nevertheless, you still looked good in your outfit. :)

  10. meh. Everyone keeps telling me that! hahahaha I'm a CARLOS! JK! thanks!!!

  11. Right! Hahaha! I'll never ever forget your fab bag! Hahaha! :)