Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Season...

Since it's Christmas, I wanna show you guys what I'm up to or loving at the moment!
1. Bangles- or as I'd like to call them 'Mangles.' I've always been into accessories, and I've realized that bangles were such a steal! I mean a fistful for 199-400? It spices up any outfit, a plain white shirt and a fistful of these babies, will get me a long way! Thanks Rachel Zoe! 

2. Glee Marathon/Christmas Songs- Last Christmas, I had a marathon of Gossip Girl episodes. This time I wanna have a marathon to the show, most of us fell in love with. As for Christmas songs, I've been listening to the playlist I created last year, and of course the Taylor Swift and Glee Christmas album. Get into season everybody!!! 4 more days!!!

3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show- My friend and I had a marathon of the shows from 2008-2010. The ladies are just BEAUTIFUL, and a definite MUST WATCH every year! My favorites: Adriana Lima & Miranda Kerr

4. Cupcakes- I received a box of these babies from a friend, and they are just the perfect gifts for anybody and stomachs!!! I can feel the Holiday weight coming.

5. The Rachel Zoe Project- Definite must watch too! It shows that being a stylist isn't an easy job, but Rachel does kick some ass in this series! I'm still on season 2, but it's just pure love!!!

6. Chai Tea- My drink for all seasons. I usually get it iced, but since the weather has been quite cold hot chai tea would be the perfect combination with any book. 

7. Cannibal - Ke$ha- The songs are just sick!!!

8. Cat Eye shades- I found a great alternative to the Alexander Wang shades. Since my Mickey Mouse shades fell apart, I replaced it temporarily with a pair from Forever 21.

9. Lauren Conrad Style- I finally have time to read this gem of a book. 

what are you guys loving or up to?

Finals Week Outfits

Heres are my looks that I wore for that last week of school! This will probably be my last outfit post till after the 25th! 
December 15 Look
What I Wore: Ralph Lauren Pullover, Forever 21 jeans, Payless Shoes Moccasins, Accessories from Mia Casa and Forever 21

December 16 Look

What I Wore: Thrifted by Steph Verano pullover hoodie, Forever 21 jeans and accessories, Jeremy Scott for Adidas 3 tongue sneakers

with Nicole Aquino

pictures via: Patricia Prieto

Basically thats it! 4 more days to go guys till we celebrate Christmas again! 

Advance Merry Christmas everyone!!!

"heres to the birthday boy, who saved our lives"