Saturday, December 4, 2010

Carnivore, Animal, I am a Cannibal

Update!!! Finally!!! sorry for the delay in updating, school has been sooo killer. Finals are approaching and getting home really late isn't the cherry on the ice cream. On the bright side, it's finally December! The Glee & Taylor Swift Christmas albums has been playing over and over for the past few days. Mainly Kurt Hummel and Blaine's rendition of Baby It's Cold Outside. Anyways, for this entry I'll be updating on last week's Fashion Thursday, Forever 21 and FHQ's LAUNCH! So major squared entry ahead!

Fashion Thursdays: Animal Print
Now sadly, I didn't participate in this weeks Fashion Thursdays, but I did pick some looks I loved! I wasn't able to see everyone's though, since I had to go home early that day!
wore: Topman pullover, beret and socks from Hongkong, Charlotte Russe necklace, SM shorts, Parisian wedges

wore: thrifted leotard, Terranova pants, Rome heels

wore: outfit from Forever 21

Tippi Sy
wore: Peace Love Fashion battered shirt, skirt made by her, CMG shoes

What I wore: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Blazer, Topman Shirt, 21 Men jeans, SM sandals, Folded & Hung bag

Shopping: Forever 21
Now this store never FAILS to make me happy. The wonders it brings to my mood is just splendid! Last friday I went shopping with my tita and luckily they had a mini sale on jeans and etc. I was able to grab a couple of cool stuff! Such as skinny jeans for as low as 375,originally 495, a pair of olive green pants from 21 Men, and a Minnie Muse necklace! Hopefully I'll get to visit again before Christmas hits! I remember being young and going to Toys R Us and running around getting whatever I see. Forever 21 is my new Toys R Us.

Alas!!! The Fashion Headquarters!!! The website my friends(Guia, Patricia, Danika, Nicky, Ingrid) and I have worked on is finally out!!! This project is definitely one of the greatest things that happened to me this year. We started out as friends, and now we put together a blog! Wherein we share one common interest... FASHION(rocket science no?) and everything in between. I hope all of you guys take the time to visit the site! It would mean the world to us! Don't forget to show some love too!!!

Here are my shots from the shoot:
what I wore: 21 Men Leather Jacket and Jeans, Bench infinity scarf, People are People shirt, Doc Martens
Photo by: Tippi Sy
Photo via: FHQ

Next Entry: I hope to feature my Christmas wish list, things I am loving at the moment, the SoFA Christmas Party, Get the look entry(animal print), and finals week.