Friday, May 27, 2011

A Fashion Fairytale

I've always had this fascination for Fairy Tales. I always put in descriptions/about me that I do believe in them. When I mean by believing, is that I do think it's possible to find a story similar to the books but in a realistic point of view. I guess as a child I've always enjoyed love stories, so thats where I'm guessing my fondness for it came from. I prefer the stories that are close to reality or adapting it, like Beastly. I recently read a magazine that featured a book I am quite interested in purchasing. It combines the two things that are close to me, Fashion & a Fairytale. I'm talking about Christian Lacroix's adaptation of Sleeping Beauty. I actually browsed through a copy in Fully Booked today, and I must say the illustrations are beyond. Beautiful and intricate just the way I pictured stories/fairytales. I wouldn't say the the illustrations are whimsical or cutesy cutesy, it had this avant garde touch to it. To sum it all up it was very Lacroix and. I'd call it Sleeping Beauty on steroids. This book is actually the first of a collection of Fashion Fairytales published by Camilla Morton(How to Walk in High Heels). As I read up on more information on the collection, the next two to tackle the wonderful world would be John Gallian and The Tale of Cinderella and Manolo Blahnik and the Tales of the Elves and the Shoemakers. I'm quite intrigued on how Galliano's will turn out! Just because. ;) I am definitely going to purchase a copy of this soon, such a collector's item.

Intriguing no??? I am curious what the twist or difference of the story is!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Born This Way

Before I post my next "boring" entry hehe I wanna do an outfit post! Now, this look I'll be showing was taken around March or April? I forget. I wore this to another typical day in school. I guess you can say that the title of this entry matches sweatshirt I'm wearing. I haven't mentioned this I think, but I love collecting celebrity/musician t-shirts! I actually have a growing collection of specifically Lady GaGa shirts. I try my best to haunt for them, but damn is it difficult! I've collected around 5 shirts already! Hopefully I find more! I currently want the one with a unicorn!

What I Wore: Topman Lady GaGa sweatshirt, Forever 21 jeans, H&M headband from Mads, Folded & Hung necklace, Payless moccasins, socks from Lauren 

Thats all for now! Just a quick entry! Bad news though, I won't be going to Subic anymore this week. Some things came up, but its all good. For now I'll be enjoying my Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon!


Monday, May 23, 2011

Different Summers Part. 1

My last entry was basically a bore, so I decided to blog again. Let's get to the fun part, I decided to do a two part entry. I'll be doing a must have & essentials for the summer. It may be ending soon and we'll all be packing our bags for school, but summer fashion for me will never go out of style since I live in a country where the heat is killer. Aside from when it rains, though it still gets hot. I've put together two lists/entries to show you guys, in my opinion were this summers greatest. Think of this like my past entries, another alternatives and a where to buy! Kind of like a magazine and style book. Chos! Though whenever I read Lauren Conrad: Style, it never fails to make me wanna write a style book and dress up. Basically, she's my peg for this. Well she's my peg for a lot of other things too! Here we go!

Summer Must-Haves

1. Denim Shorts- A definite must have for anyone! I believe this is the key piece to anyones wardrobe for the summer or actually any time of the year as long as the heat is present. More on this later!

2. Born This Way: Lady GaGa's 2nd Album

3. Viva Glam GaGa 2- Once again Lady GaGa has collaborated with Mac for their Viva Glam campaign. The lipstick/lipglass she designed for the Viva Glam collection is sooo nice! I love how she explained in her Good Morning America that she designed this color to match any man or woman's skin tone. So if you're gay, straight, bi, lesbian, transgender or whatever I suggest you get this! Perfect summer color! 

4. Tote bags- Ditch those satchels for a bit and go for canvas! More on this next entry!

5. Shoes- No to boots for now! Go for a pair of espadrilles or plimsolls! Very lightweight and comfortable for that afternoon stroll! 

Where to go: Topman, SM, Nothing but H20, Forever 21, Topshop
Tip: On a budget? Go to SM, I've seen a ton in different colors!

6. Basic Shirts- When it comes to basic I don't mean the shirt can be one solid color, it can also have a graphic design and etc. I prefer a slightly loose or larger size. It may seem like a boring piece and etc, but just like what Lauren Conrad said "it glues the outfit together." 

Where to go: Forever 21, Topman, Topshop, SM 
Tip: Deconstruct for a much more edgy look!

7. Sunglasses- Kind of self explanatory! Opt for different looking frames!

Where to go: Forever 21, Bazaars, Aldo

8. Hats- Doesn't need an explanation! I Opt for straw though!

Where to go: Rebel Gear @ Pop Culture, SM, Forever 21, Bazaar

9. Accessories- This summer I prefer bangles especially the stretch beads. Chunkier the better! I am totally in love with pouch necklaces too! I kind of hate bringing a wallet, so I put my cash in this sometimes!

Where to go: Forever 21, SM accessories, Accessorize, The beach
Tip:  Never look down on the people who sell beads and necklaces on the beach! I found really great pieces back then in Subic and never used them, but now Forever 21 has them for a whooping 305 pesos! I got mine for only 25. I've been using them like crazy! Mix and match is the key! Start hunting for great pieces!

Note: Some of the pieces in the picture above is to give you and idea on what I'm talking about. Not the exact pieces. 

Hopefully that didn't bore you, but I really hope that helped you in some way! Thats actually my goal for this blog is not only to post my outfits, talk about events etc, but I want to be able to help you readers to find an alternative to some pieces in fashion. Kind of like a guide too, but I know some may react, why I'm writing entries like this, it's irrelevant and who am i to share input, but it doesn't matter though since I enjoy writing these entries! Hopefully you guys pick up a thing or two!

Part. 2 coming next!


Coming Home

After almost 3 months of hiatus, all of a sudden I've missed blogging. I'm not gonna brag or anything, but life after my Taylor Swift blog entry has been pretty eventful! One thing would be I turned 19 just last March and another would be finishing my 1st year in SoFA. That leads me to Summer which is now. For the past few weeks I've been mostly bumming around my cousin's place, saw Justin Bieber live and watch one show in Phil. Fashion Week. Shocking, I haven't partied this whole summer! Anyways, my most favorite thing I did though was assist in a shoot. I'll definitely blog about it once the issue is out, which is pretty soon! Pretty much thats it so far for my summer, but hopefully this week turns out well since I'll be visiting the place I lived in before I moved back to Manila. Just like Lauren Conrad when she goes home to Laguna Beach. I always pictured my life similar like hers. I wasn't born in Subic like she was in Laguna, but I moved there when I was around 14 or 15? I forget, then after a few years i moved back to the big city which is Manila aka my very own The Hills/L.A. Chos. Anyways thats all for now! I'll definitely be blogging sooner than you think!

btw, I hope you guys like my kind of re-vamped layout! Added some new things on the side and new banner, wanted to downgrade and keep the banner a little bit low key for now.