Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November Finds

So far, November has been great in terms of finds. I was able to purchase some similar items I have seen in some magazines and websites. I have always loved the feeling of being able to find alternatives to items that are wayyy too expensive to some of our budgets. You'll be seeing a lot of that in this blog! Alternatives=LOVE

Now, I forgot to add on the first entry that my camera is broken, so I can't show you guys the alternatives I purchased. I compiled a collage of the similar items. I'll try my best to get a pic of the items!

1. Folded & Hung Studded Headband- Inspired by the Givenchy headband(picture above) This was such a steal! Now the item itself doesn't look exactly the same, but I definitely saw the similarities. This was such a great alternative to the original headband. You could actually use it as a bracelet too! I'll be sporting this on Thursday, since the look is Rocker Chic. Maybe the Christmas party too. Be ala Carrie Bradshaw meets Russel Brand. Thanks to my friend Mads for telling me about this!

2. Dexter Dark Brown Moccasins From Payless Shoes- I've always wanted a pair of mocs, the pair I have is very soft, and it really feels like I'm wearing marshmallows on my feet. Plus it brings out the inner Chuck Bass and Nicole Richie.


3. Double Studded Ring from Gold Dot- My friend Inna(thelittlebigspender) showed me this ring, and instantly I fell in love! Sadly a little accident happened to the ring, but it's nothing super glue can't fix.

4. Wrap Bracelet from Mia Casa- Another one of my favorite steals!!! An alternative to the Vita Fede Fasino Triple Wrap. A favorite of Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Miley Cyrus and etc. 

5. Vintage Tiger Necklace from Mia Casa- This accessory was inspired by Ke$ha. I have always had this fondness of vintage looking accessories. The likes of old gold has always made me happy. Another steal!!!

Note again, the picture above aren't the exact items I purchased. I found alternatives to them. :)

I hope to show you guys soon much more alternatives to items that are a tad bit out of reach! Now that the bazaars are coming, it's time to shop and search! You never know what you'll find!



  1. Hey babe! Loving it, we're back! :) How come you never me showed the headband huh?? :P I could have borrowed while I stayed at your house! Anyway love love :)


  2. I bought it pa lang today!!! Go get na!!! They're running out pretty fast!! You can borrow it next time you stay over!!! and We're definitely back! Thanks love!!!


  3. Hey!
    Thanks for your lovely comment Rafael :)
    I'm following you too!!

    xx, Elena

  4. thanks sooo much! I'll be watching out for your posts!!! :)