Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Inner Momsen

Study like a Rockstar was SoFA's weekly fashion thursday's theme. Honestly, this would have to be one of my favorite themes for a fashion thursday so far. A lot came in black(obviously), studs, crosses, spikes and etc. It's like everybody burst of Jenny Humphrey/Taylor Momsen and Kate Lanphear. I was able to pick a couple of looks that I loveddd. My look was definitely inspired by Elle's Style Director Kate Lanphear and Effy Stonem from Skins. I have always enjoyed how they stacked their bracelets and had a simple ensemble(kate) to go with it. Plus the trends they set isn't as expensive to follow. You could just go to Pop Culture, and automatically morph your wrists into Kate or Effy. From bangles to studs to jelly bands. Rings would be a nice addition too. Basically it was all black, silver and a touch of old gold.

My Inspiration

Favorite Looks:
Nicky Roa
Wore: Headband from Bangkok, Vintage top and scarf, Peace Love Fashion Pants, Forever 21 wedges

Guia Alvendia
Wore: Zara leather jacket, accessories from Hongkong, Forever 21, Aldo, Target tights, Parisian wedges/booties, dress from Eastwood

Wore: outfit from Forever 21 

What I Wore:
Folded and Hung spiked headband, People are People jacket, Lee black denims, Doc Martens, accessories from Mia Casa, Paris Hilton, Human, Pop Culture.

Thats all for now! I will be featuring a get the look entry, hopefully by tomorrow or this weekend. Might help bring out the inner Effy, Kate or Jenny in you! 

Technically today since it's 1 am, FHQ will be having their first photo shoot!!! Watch out!!! 

*special thanks to Guia Alvendia for lending Voldemort(aka: her camera) 



  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! You have such an awesome blog!! ;)

  2. I LOVE/want the jacket you wore!

  3. @Patricia thanks love!!!!! <3 you! :)

    @lord thanksss people are people. very old jacket though! ;)