Saturday, November 20, 2010

Get The Look 1

As promised, I was gonna post a get the look entry. I compiled some looks using polyvore inspired by the last entry. Since the theme was rocker chic, you'll be seeing a LOT of blacks. The set of looks you'll be seeing are inspired by the last entry. Plus a look inspired by Effy Stonem from Skins!

My Look

Inspired by: Patricia Prieto

Inspired by: Guia Alvendia

Inspired by: Nicky Roa

Inspired by: Effy Stonem 

Now I won't expound on the style or inspiration for each look. I think most of it speaks for itself. I'll try to post an entry like this every week for every Fashion Thursday. Looks I like and an inspiration. 

A little update! The FHQ shoot was simply fab. Thats all I can say. Watch out for December 1! ;)



  1. I think that Patricia's outfit is more me - the shorts, the blazer and the boots!


  2. i think so to! ;) maybe a mix of effy's and patricia's? :)

  3. gotta love Doctor Martens!! they are for life!

    come stop by for a visit or follow too?!

    x Your Only Blackswan

  4. @blackswan very very true!!! a must have for all closets too!