Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Currently Reside in Planet JEDWARD

If you guys follow me on twitter, I have been tweeting about halloween and getting my hair cut like the twins Jedward(John and Edward Grimes). If you guys have no idea who they are, well they were contestants on the X Factor UK. They're Irish identical twins/pop duo that have been quite the controversy back then. A lot of negative press about them being musicians, but screw negative press. I LOVE THEIR MUSIC, PERSONALITY & ESPECIALLY THEIR FASHION(YES THEY DRESS ALIKE TOO)! The past few days I've been getting inspiration from them, and now that Fashion Week is coming up I might be pulling a Jedward. sabeee. I've compiled some pictures/pegs since I just couldn't help myself and blog about them since they've become my new style icons. Plus I might go Jedward this Halloween. Watch out!

I always wondered how it feels like to have a twin. I really find it cute when they dress alike! Sorry but the Olsens are boring na... cheka lang. Haggard chic is not in na MK.


WARDROBE PEG. They are just effortlessly chic!


I LOVE THE OUTFIT ON THE LEFT! I still don't know how to tell them apart! I'm beginning to love folding the hem of my pants again! Grease lang ang peg!

EVEN THE SKINS CAST LOVES EM! THE Kaya Scodelario was the one who twitpic'd this! I know most of you Effy/Kaya fans trust her when it comes to taste! Oo, nag assume at declare ako! 

Girls and beckys one each! I wish I was blessed with nicer hair!

Printsssssss. Put anything on those twins they instantly rock it! Parang ako lang. sabeeeeeeeee.

HAGGARD CHIC! Sige na Mary-Kate Olsen ikaw pa rin ang peg! Their hairrr talaga! 

Popstars na, model pa! Them already!

They are just tooo fierce! Peg ko na toh! The American Uniform(jeans and t-shirts, though they're Irish) is always the way to go!
The "Quiff" I really wanna have a shoot, peg ang Jedward. Seems like sooo much fun! What I love about them tooo is how polished they look alllll the time.

To the boys, looking polished is ALWAYS plus points for girls. I know some of you may not agree with Jedward, but looking clean is just such a nice to thing to see!

Blazers and skinnies, my uniform for life! 

To conclude this PHOTO HEAVY entry, heres 3 photos of I found of the twins with different ways they styled their hair. I really am leaning towards to cutting my hair like theirs. It just seems to edgy and I need to try something new with my hair. 

Whatchu think???

I'm actually gonna get my hair cut this Wed, so I really have to decide! I'll definitely sport my new do this fashion week, so I just can't wait for Wed! 

One of my favorite songs from them! I recommend you guys to check their albums out! I especially like their album Victory, mainly because its more upbeat and fasyonnnn!

I hope you guys got to see why I am soooo hooked to these twins. I just feel their style is soooo me. They go from neon colors to just a simple blazer and skinnies but with a hint of color. Like I said, they always look POLISHED. Which is one of the fashion rules I live by. I can definitely picture myself wearing clothes similar to theirs. Thats all for now!

To everyone attending Philippine Fashion Week, its that time of the year again!!! See you all there!



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