Monday, September 19, 2011


Ok, disregard my last entry for a bit. My blog really is under renovation. meganon. 

About a month or 2 ago, I joined a contest by Bench on Facebook. The contest was called "Philippines in 5 Words," so you basically have to tell them in 5 words how the Philippines should be branded.(see poster above) The prizes at stake were 5k worth of GCs and the best part of this competition is that the top 10 answers chosen will be made into a collection of shirts. Great right?!? Imagine having your words on a Bench t-shirt! Plus, you get to show your love for your country!

This morning, the first thing I saw on facebook was that I was part of the Top 10! GOOD MORNING! :)

My 5 words on how the Philippines should be branded:






Check out the other winning answers! Congrats to all the winners! :)

I am beyond excited to see how this will be made into a statement shirt! 


Now onto to the shopping part! I have been craving for retail therapy for the longesttttt time, so I decided to pick up my prize from Suyen and hit the closest Bench which was in MOA. 


One thing I love about Bench is their knits. Absolutely soft and easy to wear! Perfect for those lazy days!

My fave purchase! Another knit top! I just love the texture and color! Its a dark shade of aqua/turquoise, but it still seems vibrant to me! Another one for those lazy days! I can just see the abuse this top is gonna get! Like this thursday for All Time Low! ;)

M Barretto x Bench shorts! I just love his collection! Subtle details and colors. I love the pockets on these shorts! Its quite hard to actually see on this photo, but upon wearing it the pockets are just LOVE. Another item, that I can just imagine the abuse its gonna get! :)

PANTS!!! Got these both from M Barretto's Collection, in love with the fit and details! Got this on my 2nd trip to Bench. Exchanged the knit black top I posted and changed it to the track pants with patch details! The one above is a pair of Carrot fit pants! I've been having the most difficult time finding a pair of pants like these! 

Got another top! Again from M Barretto's collection! I am officially hooked! I just love the sleeves of this shirt! 

I have always loved Bench scents! I've been using them for the longest of time (ever since I was a kid). Personal favorites of mine would be Stunning by Kim Chiu and Bench Baby in Bubblegum (pink). I just can't help the whole bagong ligo smell! I got these 2 for my mom and brother! I actually love Kris Aquino's Baby Girl Love, it reminds me of Gendarme(one of my most favorite scents!). I got my brother the counter part of my fave Bench scent Adored by Gerald Anderson.

I bought more stuff, but sadly I do not wanna post em' cause they're undergarments! ;) 

I would just like to give Bench a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU for choosing my 5 words! Again I am beyond excited how it will appear on a shirt. Just thinking about how your words will be on a Bench T-shirt is too FAB! IDIE. 

Thats all for now for this entry! Back to fixing my blog layout!!!

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